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We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

I had a problem; I enjoyed the warm summers of the FNQ but as the heat of the summer increased so did the temperature of my pool. Before long it no longer provided the relief I sought from the summer heat. What once was refreshing and invigorating was now tepid and uninviting.

There must a solution: My pool had an 8 KW reverse cycle heat pump that I could use to cool pool, but if I was going to use power it made more sense to run my A/C unit in the house. A shade cloth must be the answer, after all I see them everywhere. A shade did help but it was too expensive to cover the whole pool and it was still was warmer than I liked it. Also, I like to swim at night and it blocks the view of the stars.

Eureka: I turned to my back ground in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. As an engineer I was a firm believer in the ”KISS” theory (Keep It Simple Stupid). Knowing the easiest way to cool fluids is through the evaporation process I began to experiment with small cooling towers. With proven results I then worked to find the simplest way to manage the water flow. Within a few months of trial and error I had a commercially viable product, and a 28C pool.

The Business: Encouraged by many with similar experiences I have turned my quest into a cottage industry to help bring a refreshing summer time pool experience to resorts and families in FNQ and beyond.

Tom Railsback

Owner: EBPC

Why Us?

As a small local start up we dedicate our selves to satisfying our customers with

unparalleled service and support.